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The Write Stuff and Much More


It seems to me that for thousands of years, good penmanship has had so much to to do with the quality of the writing instruments we utilize.

Nowadays, when handwritten letters have taken a backseat to text messages, typed notes and e-mails on our home or work desk top computers, our lap-tops, or our hand held electronic devices, that old fashioned hand written letter and personal note is held in great esteem.



WAKE UP... PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS. Do it now before it’s too late.
Demand accountability from your elected officials, as well as each and every one of your public servants. You have to tell them all about your priorities, your personal goals and ambitions.

Write to them and tell them to pull their heads out of the clouds. Demand that they listen to what you are saying and to do their job, which is what their constituents are and have been paying for all along.



"Brookgreen Gardens and the Bronx: Connected by Sculpture" presented by Robin R. Salmon, Vice President for Collections and Curator of Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens.

COLD, Colder, coldest?


That cold snap were experiencing continues with a chance of snow showers, according to the National Weather Service. On the bright side, the snow likely will not accumulate beyond an inch.

The weather pattern that brought frigid air to much of the country the last few days will continue to remain in place on Friday. In parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota daytime high temperatures on Friday will be in the single digits or below zero. This will 20 to 30 degrees colder than normal.



Two years after an earthquake flattened Haiti, the country’s children are slowly experiencing improvements in their living standards despite continuing challenges, a United Nations report announced today.

According to the study, there has been healing and progress for children in the areas of education, health, nutrition and child protection.



In the early 1960s rock & roll, the revved up American music form that raced onto the scene a few years earlier and quickly became the soundtrack of its burgeoning youth culture, was stuck in neutral.



Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowds. Buy me some peanuts?

The most iconic snacks of baseball are being banned from the Indianapolis Indians' home game. The peanut-free game is a first for the Class AAA team, part of Peanut Allergy Awareness Night, but these fans are not alone.

The Boston Red Sox have scheduled four peanut-allergy-friendly games. The Milwaukee Brewers will be playing six. The New York Yankees will also have peanut-free suites at two professional ball games.



The New York Legislature has reached an agreement that will be significant in the fight against heroin.

In Albany today, The Governor and legislative leaders announced an agreement on a series of bills to help address the growing heroin and opioid epidemic, as well as prescription drug abuse, in New York State. Included in the legislation:

New programs and insurance reforms to improve treatment options for individuals suffering from heroin and opioid addiction;

NALEO Applauds Ruling on Voter Identification Law


The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund applauds the Department of Justice’s ruling on the state of Texas’ application for re-clearance of its voter identification law:

St Francis de Sales


While serving as Bishop of Geneva, Doctor of the Universal Church. Francis was quoted as saying "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly... Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections... Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.



The definition of censorship is the control of information and ideas circulated within a society. In the 20th Century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas found to be objectionable or offensive. The rationales for censorship have varied, with some censors targeting material considered indecent or obscene; heretical or blasphemous; or seditious or treasonous. Thus, ideas have been suppressed under the guise of protecting basic social institutions: Family, Church, and State.

To understand censorship, and the impulse to censor, it is necessary to strip away the shock epithet value that is attached to the word at first utterance. One must recognize that censorship and the ideology supporting it go back to ancient times, and that every society has had customs, taboos, or laws by which speech, dress, religious observance, and sexual expression were regulated.

In Athens, where democracy first emerged, censorship was known as a means of enforcing the orthodoxy. Indeed, Plato was the first recorded thinker to formulate a rationale for intellectual, religious, and artistic censorship. In his ideal state outlined in The Republic, official censors would prohibit mothers and nurses from relating tales deemed bad or evil. Plato also proposed that unorthodox notions about God or the hereafter be treated as crimes and that formal procedures be established to suppress heresy. Freedom of speech in Ancient Rome was reserved for those in positions of authority...etc.